Follower Engagement, Secrets to Success on Medium

Have you chased the follow, tried all the tricks, and still had no success? The secrets are down below.

Dan Clark Comedy
7 min readApr 22, 2022


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I am a relatively new writer, not the most advanced but not the most inexperienced either. I took on this behemoth known as Medium like everyone else. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to have 100 thousand followers at the drop of my pen or rather peck of the keyboard. I failed.

I failed in my wildest dreams but I did think I would be able to figure this medium trick out after a while and at least get to a hundred followers overnight or after a few days or weeks using all the tricks of the trade I had read about.

What Doesn’t Work.

The follow-for-follow method seemed easy enough and on its surface, I did begin to amass followers. I felt I was well on my way and I did begin to creep closer to 100 the magical number. The number we all hold out as hey now I can do this I am going to be a writer and get paid.

I also employed the write every day or even twice a day method and thought hey this is going to have a major impact I am going to get followers and make tons of money and be happy and people will engage in my work. I did get follows from people who enjoyed my work and my writing style but nothing stuck. Nothing I did seemed to help gain any momentum.

I discovered Facebook groups of just medium writers and I thought ah here is the golden goose. I just need to post my articles in these groups and everyone will love my writing and I will be awesome. Once again my bubble burst.

The Facebook groups while having some value are more filled with spam and the follow-for-follow racket. Genuine medium users and articles can be found in these groups but it seems it would be easier to find a real person on tinder rather than genuine Medium users in these groups.


Then I thought the secret is publications. Publications can have a great effect on one’s work but…



Dan Clark Comedy

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