Late Night Drama Part-1

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2 min readApr 8, 2022
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This is the first of many nightly recaps of the past few days in late night. With this series, we aim to summarize, review, and analyze the current late-night drama happening around the major talk show hosts but we will go where the drama takes us and if that includes a podcast(not that there is anything wrong with that)host then so be it.

Our first bit of drama comes to us from Jimmy Kimmel host of Jimmy Kimmel Live. On the April 6th taping of the show, Jimmy made a joke about Marjorie Taylor Greene. He referenced Will Smith in his joke as a nod to his slap the other night.

Greene decided this would be a good chance to release tensions and let cooler heads prevail and they opened an honest and open discussion. Eh, just kidding of course she didn’t. She decided to use a line from Kimmel’s Monologue a line almost any reasonable person would infer of what was a joke to take it as a threat and to report Kimmel to the Capitol police.

I find this ironic on so many levels the most apparent example of this hypocrisy is the constant calls of violence by Greene herself not in a joke form. Another blatant hypocritical moment for Green is her refusal to acknowledge the heroics of said police department she used to report Kimmel and protect her daily.

Kimmel responded to Greene's police report with a punchline only a comedian can come up with. “Officer I would like to report a joke”

Finally, Jimmy addressed in his Monologue the following night April 8th with a few jokes about how ridiculous Marjorie Taylor Greene's behavior and blatant lack of self-awareness can be.

This bout of late-night drama was certainly handled well by Jimmy Kimmel. Even if one didn’t think the original Will Smith reference was funny, there was no doubt it was a joke and not a legit call to violence. His joke was a call to violence the same way Willey the Coyote advocated for violence, and he didn’t, and neither did Jimmy Kimmel.

I suppose we'll get to the place where punchline is a violent term.

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